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We believe in helping you help students reach their fullest potential. That's why we've created IHavePlanIowa. Students can explore careers, colleges and majors, learn about financial aid, find scholarships, and much, much more. For you, the educator, IHaveaPlanIowa offers a variety of support tools such as in-depth reporting, classroom resources (over 100 lesson plans!), and student messaging - to name just a few.


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ICAP Update

We've just updated the ICAP so that it is available by grade level which allows for streamlined reporting but it still contains all the essential activities to meet state standards. If you've been using the original ICAP, don't worry!  We've left the original ICAP template in place for you to use.

To learn more about the updated ICAP, watch our webinar on "A Tale of Two ICAPs".

Intended for an educator, these manuals walk through each step of the guideway, providing tips and screenshots. Optional educational enhancement activities are included as ideas to enrich the learner experience.

Additional resources are available through the I Have A Plan Iowa Professional Center.


The Professional Center gives you all the tools you need to manage your college and career planning programs — administration, reporting, communicating and managing students.



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